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Cumulating over 80 deployments in both research and production, across 30 clients, spanning 11 countries and 4 continents, we will make your initiative an astounding success.

Core Team

Dragos Tudor
Data Scientist | Machine Learning Enigneer | Product Manager

Dragos Tudor

Data Scientist | Machine Learning Engineer

Working at my family’s manufacturing plant has helped me see beauty behind more traditional and manual processes. Manufacturing, automation, data science, and deep learning are fundamentally appealing to me. Over the previous 6 years, I have used end-to-end advanced analytics to touch the lives of 1.5m+ people and generate more than $50m in business value, across 27 companies, from start-ups (Tessian, PredictX, Tracktics), hedge funds and the academia (Urban Big Data Centre) to enterprises (Procter & Gamble). I have the ability to both understand business challenges and to develop technology solutions at the right level of complexity. I’m excited about seemingly impossible tasks and enabling positive societal outcomes

Gaurav Singh
Data Scientist | Research Engineer | Research Scientist

Gaurav Singh, PhD

Data Scientist | Research Engineer | Research Scientist

Having worked with early stage startups such as and enterprises like Amazon, Yahoo! and MediaTek, I have learned a set of best practices for choosing and deploying deep learning / statistical models. Prior to obtaining my PhD in Natural Language Processing (NLP) from University College London in 2019, and publishing in top NLP conferences (EMNLP, NAACL and CIKM), I worked as a Researcher at Yahoo! Labs, in Barcelona. My expertize and interest in advanced analytics and machine learning, were refined during my MS in Machine Learning at Pierre and Marie Curie University, my BE in Computer Science, at the University of Delhi and multiple data science competitions such as ECML / PKDD discovery challenge, where I ranked in top 5.

Jeremi Wójcicki
Data Scientist | Process Engineer | Research Scientist

Jeremi Wójcicki, PhD

Data Scientist | Process Engineer | Research Scientist

Over the past 7 years I have worked with a wide range of companies to enable industrial manufacturing innovation. I’m fascinated by energy efficiency, machine connectivity, sensor data collection, advanced analytics applied to complex industrial data, as well as the analysis, modelling and optimization of manufacturing systems. Prior to collaborating with top industrial OEMs (DMG Mori, Porta Solutions, Salvagnini) and consultancies (EC Engineering, SIGMAtools), I’ve published in top tier research journals (Journal of Cleaner Production, Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology)Considering my entrepreneurial experience and the PhD degree in mechanical engineering obtained from Italy’s best technical university – Politecnico di Milano, I am comfortable with ambiguity and with leading complex and innovative solutions. 

Ilya Prokin
Data Scientist | Research Engineer | Product Manager

Ilya Prokin, PhD

Data Scientist | Research Engineer | Product Manager

For the past 10 years, following my PhD in computational neuroscience, I’ve delivered data science excellence as a senior scientist, analyst and founder in biotech, healthcare, pharma, neuroscience, manufacturing and finance. Delivering business impact has always been my top priority. Having lead and built numerous high performance, end-to-end data products, I realized that business-centered thinking combined with personalized delivery and deep statistical expertize are essential ingredients for realizing a bright future of business automation and optimization. I am excited about creating structure out of chaos and the enablement of the future of automation, efficiency and simplicity for enterprises and people. 

Cumulating over 80 deployments in both research and production, across 47 clients spanning 11 countries, we believe that we can make your initiative an astounding success. 

Dragos Tudor
Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist
Research Scientist and Data Science
Machine Learning Engineer and Software Engineer


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We collaborate with leading institutions and elite scientists and engineers for adapting cutting edge research to the industry’s most challenging initiatives.


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