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Advanced Analytics: Process Automation

For manufacturing applications, we enable just-in-time predictive maintenance (PdM) of complex systems and help increase asset utilization and savings in operational costs. Our custom-built end-to-end analytical pipelines, facilitate a reduction in the operational risk of mission critical equipment and increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by predicting failures before they occur. Discover patterns connected to various maintenance problems, KPIs, resource utilization and estimate remaining lifespan of assets. 

Some of the most notable applications include: 

  1. Reject rate estimation and root cause analysis for high volume product batches, in complex systems.
  2. Prediction of downtime events ahead of time for production line optimization.
  3. Resource workflow optimization using video data and cameras for improving productivity and output.
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Advanced Analytics: Sustainable Manufacturing

We employ data-driven techniques to reduce environmental impact and increase the resource efficiency of production systems. Our automated systems reduce the overall energy bill and limit wasted material by using energy consumption management for production machinery and manufacturing lines. Our teams can help you improve production planning, eliminate energy waste that is caused by machine idle times and fine-tune technological processes.

Some of the most notable applications include: 

  1. Reduction of peak energy-per-part and peak power demand in machining centers by optimal processing parameter selection.
  2. Advanced analytics used to inform and select cost-effective machinery component retrofitting for lower energy demand.
  3. Application of energy-saving job dispatching policy for optimal machine utilization and power consumption reduction.
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Data Architecture, Integration and Monitoring

Machine-to-machine and machine-to-cloud connectivity is essential in a digital shop floor. We develop tailored implementations for machinery fleet monitoring using on-premise or private cloud capabilities. A world-class infrastructure must be paired with precise, intuitive and responsive plant performance analysis tools. We create and deploy custom expertize to identify bottlenecks and facilitate data-driven plant operation.

Some of the most notable applications include: 

  1. On-premise monitoring architecture for live machinery and production status. (OEE, queued jobs, cycle time, error logs)
  2. Data-driven balancing of machining cycle for improved productivity and tool life.
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Advanced Analytics: Forecasting

Our state of the art machine learning solutions enable large retailers, with complex, fragmented data warehouses and operations, to lower customer attrition, improve brand image, mitigate lost sales and offer personalized discounts and product recommendations. We use behavioural data and metadata for predicting the next actions of customers and users. 

Some of the most notable applications include: 

  1. Accurate sales forecasting across 10.000 SKUs and 700 POS using transactional, weather and behavioural data.
  2. Sales uplift via product recommendations for e-commerce applications across millions of users.
  3. In-store and online dynamic price optimization driven by customer behaviour and regional events.



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Advanced Analytics: Vision

Our capabilities cover an expansive range of computer vision tasks and methodologies. We are confident that our track record of excellence in predictive maintenance (PdM), defect identification, custom object detection, semantic segmentation, image classification, optical character recognition (OCR), synthetic image generation, would turn your ambitious projects into reality. 

Some of the most notable applications include: 

  1. Enabled predictive maintenance by accurately predicting valve failure and the root causes, in Oil & Gas.
  2. Pathology classification and detection, using one-shot learning on sparse DICOM data, in healthcare.
  3. Behaviour scoring and monitoring systems for drivers, using real-time video data, for insurance applications.
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Advanced Analytics: Cybersecurity

Digital threats have risen continuously over the past 2 years.  Ransomware, crypto jacking and phishing are top of mind for our clients. We are actively involved in projects involving traffic analysis, fraud and anomaly detection, email security, adversarial attacks, deep fakes and policy breaches.

Some of the most notable applications include: 

  1. Real-time classification and flagging of malicious emails across 1 million or more daily messages.  
  2. Website content classification and anomaly detection for preventive interventions. 
  3. Deep minutiae-based fingerprint authentication systems for the pharmaceutical industry. 
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Advanced Analytics: Language

We deliver state of the art expertize in working with multi-lingual natural language data, from raw text, images and speech. We deliver immediate and continuous value to our clients by taking ownership over the end-to-end research and implementation pipeline. Our team is ideal for mission critical and complex projects. 

Some of the most notable applications include: 

  1. Relationship and entity extraction, automated tagging and classification of sparse clinical data using deep learning.
  2. Multi-lingual email communication analysis and topic modelling for cybersecurity applications.
  3. Document digitization and categorization for manufacturing, healthcare and retail applications.
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We are fascinated about new, challenging and complex use cases that you might have. Our ambition is to deliver high impact implementations, in an agile way that emphasises simplicity, results, communication and alignment. Whether we are talking about optimization, statistical implementations, data pipelines, annotation automation, golden batch analysis, first principles modelling, we are the reliable partner that you can trust. 

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